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Becoming a Member

RCIE will have various and affordable levels of membership to choose from depending on your needs. We will have an application process that will help us get to know you and you to get to know us to ensure there’s a good fit from day one and that we meet your expectations.

General RCIE information

We are excited about RCIE and the difference it will make in the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs. We are more than a social meeting space. We support various sectors of business, not just tech. Simply, we exist to inspire and inform you along your entrepreneurial path, no matter your entry point, no matter your industry. Follow us on our social media platforms to stay up to date on the progress of RCIE, and spend time reading the website to understand the legacy and purpose of RCIE.

RCIE-Sponsored Events

When the RCIE doors open, we will be dedicated to hosting specific events designed to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and challenge your business and entrepreneurial know-how. You will have meaningful events to attend to support not just networking, but also your knowledge.

Hosting an Event/Room Rental

Once RCIE is fully built out, we will have several rooms and spaces available for rent for RCIE members and the public. Spaces will be able to accommodate groups of 5-50. Events will go through an approval process.


Securing Office Space

At RCIE, there will be limited dedicated office space, granted based on meeting specific criteria.



Securing Co-Working Space

At RCIE, there will be ample “Hot Desks” that members can utilize on a first-come first-served basis. These desks are designed for open, casual work space, allowing for collaboration and efficiency.

Ongoing Programming

RCIE knows effective and powerful programming is critical to engaging and retaining members. We want to be different. We will be different, because we are more than a social meeting space. We will invite speakers and institute programs that inspire and inform you in an effort to help you, where you are in your business development cycle.

Tour/Information Session

When we are ready, we will offer tours and information sessions about RCIE on certain dates between certain times. Come back to the website to see when the tours are open. Once we are open, orientation will be required for every member of the RCIE community.

Becoming a Sponsor

As a sponsor of RCIE, you will have a chance to harness a moment in time with an audience that will be changing the fabric of business commerce in Georgia and beyond. We are seeking sponsors at various financial levels, including in-kind and product/services-based sponsors. Let’s meet and explore the possibilities.

Press/Media Inquiry

We appreciate the interest the press has given the development of the Russell Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship so far, and we look forward to maintaining the momentum in interest. If you are a traditional media outlet or blogger/podcaster, and would like to interview someone at RCIE, contact us at